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By Heritage Bank on December 01, 2022
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Beware of Gift Card Scams


Has someone asked you to purchase gift cards as payment for goods and services? Has someone you met through a dating app or other online romance site requested you send gift cards to cover an emergency? Has someone claiming to represent a utility or your bank called to alert you to a problem with your account and requested you purchase gift cards as a remedy? Has a federal agency threatened you with arrest or fines unless you settle a debt with gift cards?

All of these are common scams. The link connecting all these scams is the request for the target to purchase gift cards as a means of payment, account settlement or emergency financial help. Anytime you are asked to purchase gift cards as a means of payment, you should be on high alert for fraud.

      • Banks and utilities will not ask you to purchase gift cards as a means of keeping your accounts in good stead.

      • The IRS will not demand gift cards for back taxes.

      • Legitimate merchants should not suggest gift card payment over standard payment methods.

      • Federal law enforcement agencies have strongly warned people on dating sites to beware of any urgent requests for money, particularly through gift cards.

If you are targeted by a scam involving gift cards, contact your Heritage Banker immediately.


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Published by Heritage Bank December 1, 2022