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By Heritage Bank on July 21, 2022
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Simplify Your Business Expense Report

Business Expense Reporting Made Simple

Do you know anyone who actually likes expense reports? Whether your employees travel for business, entertain VIP guests, or need to purchase equipment or supplies to complete a job, they're often left with administrative tasks that, quite frankly, are the least satisfying part of their work week.

Business credit cards were a big step forward in making it simple for employees to keep business and personal expenses separate, and to give key employees large credit limits. But until recently, people were still stuffing paper receipts in their pockets, wallets and briefcases when they weren’t losing them in their cars. Charging expenses was easy, but completing expense reports was still a hassle.

It's also fair to say this scenario isn't a picnic for your accounting department either. It's rare that everyone hands in expense reports accurately and on time. Sorting through piles of receipts or tracking down employees for the correct information is not the best use of accounting personnel time.

Then there’s recording expenses in your general ledger accurately. Let’s not even broach expense analysis. Who has time?

Business Credit Cards at Heritage Bank

Streamline the reporting process while keeping expenses secure and up-to-date with Heritage Bank's business credit cards.

Whether you own a small or mid-sized business or are the lucky accounting manager overseeing expense reports, our cards allow you to have more control over spending and managing expenses.

Expense Reports Made Fast & Easy

When it’s time to submit an expense report, you’ll be on your way in just a few clicks. Transactions can be sorted by statement, month or other criteria. Key information (vendor, transaction date, amount) populates automatically.

Uploading receipts is simple, whether saved on your smartphone or through a desktop. Intuitive software matches receipts uploaded with expenses, eliminating human error accounting roots out later.

Ask Treasury Management about the mobile app that allows employees to capture electronic receipts in real time and submit expense reports on the go.

Employees can access expense reports 24/7 from anywhere with secure WiFi. They can also quickly request a temporary increase in spend limit for special circumstances (i.e., extra large business purchases or while traveling).

Benefits to Employers

Heritage Bank works with a national Mastercard(R) vendor who specializes in small to mid-size business solutions.

Manage spending limits and customize limits for each employee.

Open and close accounts in real time.

Access statements and track transactions online anytime, from anywhere.

•  Opt into electronic billing statements, reducing paper and the risk of thieves pilfering statements mailed through the post office. 

Pay online, by mail or even in person at one of our branches.

Leverage card program rewards to offset regular business expenses.

Easily Integrate Business Expense Reports With Accounting Software

 Easily upload files into GL, eliminating the risk of mistakes made by rekeying or cutting and pasting information while saving accounting from an onerous task.

Upload expense info into accounting and tax software throughout the year to real-time or near-time integration.

 Analyze spending across the workforce, departments or time periods.

Explore our business credit card options on your own or contact our Treasury Management department to get started!


Published by Heritage Bank July 21, 2022