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By Heritage Bank on January 05, 2023
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The Future of Small Business Is Community Banking

Heritage Bank has remained committed to better business banking solutions for our hometown for over three decades. We do not have a crystal ball to predict how this unique economy will develop in 2023, but we do have experienced bankers empowered to help their business customers customize solutions and banking tools that can prime your business for success in any business environment. 


Because banking permeates every part of the economy, it can be easy for the average business leader to miss how much banking is evolving. Community banks in markets with thriving small business communities who have made capital investments in technology are proving nimble and able to provide small businesses with the people, convenience and tools they need to compete. The following are our top three recommendations for getting the most out of your bank:


Double Down on Digital Banking This Year:

At Heritage Bank, we offer fast, simple and secure online banking services to drive efficiency, defend against fraud and move your business forward. We also offer you 24/7 access to Heritage Bank through our mobile app. Make sure you are using all the digital banking tools available to improve your everyday banking experience.

  • Monitor your balances and transfer funds from your mobile device or laptop. Contact your banker to set up online banking. Once your online account is live,  download the mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • Set up SecureAlerts to monitor activity on your accounts and to trigger notifications by text, email or secure messaging for specific types of activity - an especially important tool for fighting fraud and scams.

  • Link your Heritage Bank Business Mastercard® Debit Card to Heritage Mobile Pay to pay for everyday transactions without your wallet or a physical debit card.

  • View your deposit or loan statements online. Signing up for e-Statements takes less than 3 minutes.

  • Set up online bill payments to avoid late payments due to administrative errors or slower than normal postal service.

  • Deposit smaller checks through your smartphone or tablet. Or, contact Treasury Management about remote deposit for larger amounts or more frequent transactions.


Turn To Treasury Management for Business Solutions

When you are strategizing ways to improve cash flow, increase margins or reduce the risk of fraud, how often do you turn to your bank? Share your business priorities with your banker so we can help drive your growth, profitability and security.

  • Positive Pay is an effective tool for combating fraudulent activity.

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination eliminates time-consuming tasks like writing and processing checks. Save money on postage and check printing. Quickly and efficiently process single and recurring payments. Transmit payroll, direct deposits and other disbursements.

  • Wire Origination can help you move money fast through domestic wires, ensuring same-day vendor payments. We also send international wires through foreign exchange.

  • Merchant Services for Credit & Debit Card Processing can ensure you’re set up with the technology your customers expect at a price that ensures your investment in accepting card payments pays off long term.

  • Lockbox Collections can free up your staff. Arrange for payments to be mailed to a Heritage Bank post office box. We’ll post the payments and credit your account the day received then send you copies of the invoice, envelope, check and all information contained in the payment envelope.

  • Heritage Bank Cash Vault Services allows you to move cash safely. Secure cash at your place of business. Deposit cash remotely and access the funds before we receive the cash.


Consider Our Credit Card Solutions

Whether it’s a low interest platinum card, a rewards card or a purchasing card, Heritage Bank can make the benefits of business and corporate cards easier to realize. Speak with Treasury Management about our credit card solutions - competitive with national cards but backed by local resources.

Enjoy these benefits regardless of which card is the best fit for your business:

  • Separate business expenses, bridge gaps in cash flow, track spending and improve forecasting.

  • Access your statements and transactions online anytime, from anywhere.

  • Manage multiple employee cards on your account with customized spending limits to simplify expense tracking and travel reimbursement.

  • Adjust the credit limit on any employee card, as often as necessary, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Opt for paperless statements.

  • Customize cards by adding your company’s name along with individual cardholder information on each card.

  • Encourage contactless payment with support devices via Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® and Google Pay®.+

  • Track your spending and report expenses for your taxes with intuitive reporting tools. Simply import card information into your accounting and tax software.

  • Choose from multiple payment options, including automatic debit, online, in branch or by mail.

Too many small business people – especially first-time business owners – assume big banks are best equipped to help small businesses thrive. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Community banks like Heritage Bank – large enough to offer a full-service business banking division to small businesses yet nimble enough to consider customized solutions and respond quickly to local needs - are often a better fit for small businesses. 

Not only can community banks our size and scope offer small businesses the solutions many people assume only national banks offer, Heritage Bank focuses on solutions designed for small businesses rather than tools designed for large enterprises then retrofitted for small businesses. Plus, Heritage Bankers have deep experience and the latitude to consult with their customers. Larger institutions often prioritize transaction volume over relationships, and limit banker flexibility to reduce their risk.

To learn more, reach out to a Heritage Banker today.

Published by Heritage Bank January 5, 2023