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By Heritage Bank on January 20, 2022
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What Are Treasury Management Services [And How Can They Support Your Business]?

At Heritage Bank, we specialize in banking for small to mid-size businesses. We know the loan and credit products your business needs, but we also know how to help you work smarter, get paid faster and better manage your cash flow. Not only do we offer Treasury Management Services you would expect from a national bank, we have hand-picked the service providers with deep experience in helping small businesses compete.

So, don’t assume your company isn’t ready for Treasury Management Services or that we don’t have a solution to what is slowing your company’s growth or diverting you from other business functions.

Definition of Treasury Management

Treasury management is a term bankers and entrepreneurs use to refer to tools and services that help a business plan, organize and manage its financial affairs. Whether your achilles heel is managing business assets, maintaining liquidity, payroll processing, investments, collecting payments or donations or safeguarding cash, Heritage Bank can help.

Heritage Bank’s Most Popular Treasury Management Services:

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination

ACH is one of the most in-demand methods for collecting payments. Control payments and receivables through electronic funds transfer. Eliminate time-consuming tasks like writing and processing checks. Save money on postage and check printing. Quickly and efficiently process single and recurring payments. Transmit payroll, direct deposits and other disbursements.

Business Credit Cards and Purchasing Cards

Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a mid-size company whose sales and service technicians are on the road and racking up the expenses, Heritage Bank has partnered with a Mastercard(R) affiliate offering the terms, personalization and technology you need to keep a firm hand on expenses without wasting your time watching every charge and card. Choose from low interest cards and rewards cards.

Also, if your vendors accept charge cards, ask our Treasury Management Department about how a purchase card can let you earn points and protect your cash flow. Provided you can pay the charges in full every month, your company can buy up to an extra 30 days from the time you pay and the time the money leaves your account. As the points add up, apply them toward supplies, business travel and other expenses.

Credit Card Processing 

Business customers and consumers continue to increase their credit card spends. Whether they buy online or in person, use a plastic card or mobile touchless pay, choosing the right credit and debit card processing partner could be one of your most important business decisions. Choose from a range of technology. Depend on the industry’s best customer service. Ask us about a free review of your current credit card processor or a presentation explaining what adding credit card payment can fuel your business growth.

Wire Origination

We can help you move money fast through domestic wires, ensuring same-day vendor payments. We also send international wires through foreign exchanges.

Remote Deposit: Merchant Capture or Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks quickly and securely without a trip to a branch. For large deposits, use a desktop scanner to deposit images of your checks directly into your account through a secure internet portal. For smaller amounts, use mobile deposit to move customer payments into a business account without delay.

Lockbox Collections

Another popular payment solution for businesses is a Lockbox. Set up a special Heritage Bank post office box where payments are directed. We'll deposit checks into your account the same day we receive them. Once processed, we'll mail you copies of each invoice, envelope, and check for tax filing and bookkeeping.

Let Us Help Your Business Thrive

There are additional Treasury Management Services available and more in the pipeline at Heritage Bank. Find out how banks can do more than lend money when your business needs to grow. Appreciate the level of personalized service your business receives.

To learn more about how we can help you save time, increase efficiency, and improve cash flow, contact Nick Salsgiver at 859-869-2942, or send him an email at

Published by Heritage Bank January 20, 2022