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By Heritage Bank on January 20, 2022
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Why Small Businesses Count on Community Banks

Anyone who ever said business isn’t personal, never owned or ran one.

Entrepreneurs need a banker who understands your business and feels a stake in your success. National banks may have more branches, but many small businesses find the relationships and service they need at a community bank like Heritage Bank.

8 Reasons Small Businesses Choose Community Banks

  1. Specialists in Small Business

Community banks produce more than 60% of all small business loans in the U.S. Community banks excelled in helping customers access COVID emergency relief funds for business while big banks struggled.

  1. Bankers Motivated to Serve Your Best Interests

Market leaders in community banking – like Heritage Bank – attract bankers who know how to craft custom solutions and value long-term relationships. Our bankers find job satisfaction by helping local businesses and neighborhoods thrive rather than increasing the share price for an investor in another part of the country.

  1. Sophisticated Business Banking Now Available

Digital banking is increasingly standard in larger community banks operating in mid-size markets. Some community banks competing in Top 50 metropolitan areas like Cincinnati and Dayton offer the kind of Treasury Management tools expected at national banks. ATM companies lease their national and international networks to community banks. Increasingly, if your business is based in Cincinnati or Dayton, there isn’t a good reason not to turn to a community bank like Heritage Bank.

Digital Banking

Treasury Management Services

ATMs Wherever You Roam 

  1. Local Decision Makers

The final decision maker at a community bank likely lives and works in your area. Heritage Bank leaders know their bankers and trust their judgment. They know red tape is the enemy of small businesses.

  1. Personal Consideration

Financial statements factor into loan approvals, but so does experience, expertise, character and community ties at a community institution like Heritage Bank.

  1. Untethered to Bank-In-A-Box Solutions

Community bankers are encouraged to think out of the box while bankers at larger institutions are restricted to standard solutions.

  1. Rooted In Your Community

Community banks are generally locally owned and operated. Products and services often reflect a deeper understanding of the local economy. Understand your local credit options.

  1. Personalized Service

Community banks may have caught up with national bank technology, but big banks struggle to match community banks’ personalized service. If you want to feel like a valued neighbor rather than a number, research community banks in your area.

Published by Heritage Bank January 20, 2022