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By Heritage Bank on April 26, 2023
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Why Young People Should Consider Banking Like Their Grandparents

It’s graduation season, a milestone for young adults whether they are completing high school, trade school or a college degree. It’s also a good time to evaluate where to bank as you begin a new chapter in life.

As young people consider their options, many will gravitate to the large bank whose name they’ve known since kindergarten. Others will opt for the splashy all digital banks – I mean, who wants to visit a brick-and-mortar branch?

However, the best option for many young people might look a lot like the bank their grandparents prefer. Locally owned and operated community banks provide the convenient digital experience young people cannot do without as well as the personalized service they will appreciate now and later in life when they need a banker, not just a bank.

Community Banks Make It Personal

Money is emotional, and for most people, personal. Most of us work hard for what we deposit, save and invest. Access to money often shapes our futures.

Community banks are known for providing personalized service. At Heritage Bank, we don’t offer Personal Banking or Preferred Banking programs for customers with high deposits because every customer is treated like a preferred customer regardless of his or her deposits.

Our bankers want to know more than your account number. They like understanding where you are in life and where you want to be so they can assist. You might not visit a branch often or even call or text your banker more than once or twice a year, but when you need a banker, not just a bank, you’ll appreciate access to a person with experience, empowered to do what’s in your best interest.

Decisions Are Made Locally

Unlike larger banks with centralized, impersonal and inflexible decision-making processes, community banks make decisions locally. So, when you need a loan or other financial assistance, you work with someone who considers you and your community rather than relying solely on an algorithm. Also, community banks generally make decisions faster because they don’t need to wait for approvals from out of town or for your bankers’ boss’ boss’ boss.

And if you aspire to run your own business someday, you’ll want to have contacts at a community bank large enough to offer the products and services you’ll need to succeed, yet small enough to be flexible and consultative rather than strictly transactional. Heritage Bank is the model in greater Cincinnati of a community bank specializing in small business banking. Too many small business leaders learn the hard way that community banks are generally built to be a better banking partner.

Digital Banking Plus Personal Service

Larger community banks like Heritage Bank offer the online banking and mobile banking experience younger people expect. So, wherever you study, serve or roam over the next few years, Heritage Bank is available 24/7 on your smart phone or tablet.

Plus, when you need to speak to someone or meet face-to-face about your banking needs, our brick-and-mortar locations are open, and our bankers are happy to give you the personal service you need.

Locally Produced. Locally Focused.

Community banks invest in local communities. Heritage Bank provides financial support to local nonprofits and backs community events that promote a positive quality of life. In addition, our employees are encouraged to volunteer in their communities.

The health and wealth of our communities – the business operating in these neighborhoods, the nonprofits supporting our neighbors in need, the hospitals and healthcare providers looking after the sick and injured, and the people who call these communities home – that’s our priority. Heritage Bank’s shareholders have roots in the region and have charged the bank to help local families and businesses thrive, rather than worry about speculators on Wall Street.

Competitive Rates. Competitive Fees.

Community banks often offer competitive rates and fees, just like larger institutions. Sometimes, community banks can beat the rates and fees offered at other institutions. Relationships matter at community banks, so your banker is always going to walk you through your options and strive to get you the financing or savings product that works best for you.

Built to Last

Banking is an industry where cutting-edge management could be a red flag. They might not make headlines, but thoughtfully run financial institutions tend to stand the test of time and market fluctuations. Community banks like Heritage Bank generally follow conservative banking policies, reducing the risk of bad loans or bad investments, over reliance on a handful of depositors or over concentration in one industry.

So, whether you’re looking for a place to deposit all of those checks your relatives sent you as graduation presents or you are thinking about the bank that will serve you best in your next chapter, consider a community bank. Consider Heritage Bank. Wherever life takes you next, Heritage Bank will be here for you with the products, services and technology you need.

Published by Heritage Bank April 26, 2023